The Australian Geoscience Council Inc (AGC), the Indonesian Geoparks Network (IGN), and The University of Sydney (USYD).

Roles of the hosts

AGC: oversees and supervising the whole project, financial support, fund raising, national and international publicity, inviting participants from its 8,000 members.

IGN: coordination with the major event of GeoFest and international geotourism, inviting and encouraging participants from Indonesia.

USYD: Arrange venue in the campus, help publicising the event through its various university media, recruiting 10 student volunteers to be assistants in the workshop and fieldtrip.


Executive Committee

CHAIR: Dr Young Ng, Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark and NGS Steering Committee

Meihva Ang, Indonesian Geoparks Network 

Pat Hanna, Australia Indonesia Association of NSW

Dr Michael Leggo, Geoscience & Sustainable Development Consultant

Professor Phil McManus, The University of Sydney

Farid Z Mohammad, Indonesian Geoparks Network 

Ian Neuss, Sydney Minerals Exploration Discussion Group (SMEDG)

Ana Oktaillah, Indonesian Geoparks Network

Angus M Robinson,  Coordinator, NGS Steering Committee

Mark Williams, University of Tasmania, and NGS Steering Committee 


CHAIR: Dr Young Ng, Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark

Executive Committee members as well as

Professor Patrick James, University of South Australia

Patrick Maher, CSA Global Business Unit of ERM

Professor Noel Scott, University of Mataram

Tony Osman, Minconindo

David Robson, GSA Geotourism Standing Committee and NGS Steering Committee

Raiza Sartori, University of Tasmania

David Turvey, Equant Resources Pty Ltd

Ian Wollff, Consultant

Dr Sabin Zahirovic, The University of Sydney

Note:  These two committees include active members of various geoscience societies of the AGC


Dr Peter Hatherly

Dr Sabin Zahirovic

Dr Peter Mitchell OAM